Lior Vardi

Lior Vardi

Martial Arts, Movement and Physiotherapy - evolve through Practice and Learning.

Constant learning. This is the cornerstone of Lior Vardi’s life, guiding him and his team based in Israel, with his work as a martial arts teacher, physiotherapist, fitness trainer, lecturer, and more.

משאבים מומלצים - אייל קורן ליאור ורדי גיורא אורמן וו-ווי

Martial Arts

Lior is the founder of The Holon Practice Center, a school that focuses on the concepts of the martial arts alongside movement classes, helping students improve their fitness, mobility, confidence, and self defense skills.

Lior received his 2nd degree black belt under Si-Jo Eyal Koren, the head of Wu Wei Gung Fu, and continues to explore and teach martial arts to this day.

Movement Classes - Lior Vardi - Holon - ליאור ורדי - שיעורי תנועה - חולון

Movement & Physical Training

Bringing together his skills as a health and fitness trainer, lecturer in anatomy and physiology, and student of movement, Lior has launched several projects designed to help people train in the most comprehensive way, including Body Basics, Movement Holon, Zoom Mobility and Prehab/Rehab Classes.

Movement classes in Lior’s Practice Center introduce a completely new way of thinking about how you move, inspired by Ido Portal, and combines many elements to enhance strength, flexibility, mobility, and body control.

הרצאות - ליאור ורדי - ארגז הכלים הרפואי פציעות ספורט שיקום פיזיותרפיה


Building on his physiotherapy degree (BPT) from Tel Aviv University, Lior is dedicated to sharing his expertise on how to better prepare the body for sports as well as a wide range of real-world situations. He regularly lectures on sports injuries and has developed the unique Medical Toolbox workshops to teach the principles of practical rehab and prehab. 

“I believe the best results come from integration

The Physical and Mental. Martial and Art. Training and Recovery. Fitness and Movement. etc. 

Through an integration of perspectives, a path of infinite learning and development is created.

The perspective of Gung Fu from the world of martial arts, the generalist-learning perspective from the world of Movement, and the scientific perspectives from the worlds of Physiotherapy and Physical Training – are approaches that touched me deeply, and use me today to help people advance.

Integration is not a combination of different parts. It is a merge to a more complete entity – which enables people to make real progress”


In recent years, Lior Vardi and his team created several projects suited for trainees,  practitioners, instructors, coaches and also for the general population in the fields of martial arts, physical training, health, and physical therapy.

Group Movement Classes in our Practice Center in Holon - Since 2021. In collaboration with Aviad Furman and Elad Livnat
Lior, the team, this website, and all our activities - dedicated to help people evolve through combined Practice and Learning
Classes in collaboration with "Team Bert" gym in Tel Aviv - meant to make professional tools and knowledge of physical training and injury prevention accessible
The Medical Toolbox - instructions, lectures and courses for coaches and practitioners in a variety of sports and movement professions - meant to teach a smarter way to manage injuries
The activities and training instruction outside the Holon Practice Center between 2015-2019 - Classes for students, Physiotherapy sessions, self defense workshops, and volunteer work
A training group in Tel Aviv between 2018-2019 - physical fundamentals training, mobility and calisthenics tightly packed. In collaboration with Lior Marash

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